Following key changes in the legal landscape many law firms are looking for new ways to successfully differentiate and deliver real client value. CXINLAW assists legal providers with perfecting the client experience offered in order to attract, retain and build client share in a new and demanding environment.

Perfect Your Client Experience

Organisations that place customers and clients at the heart of their legal business have a leading driver for success.

Putting heart into CX
Insight and Strategy

Determine how clients perceive you to develop and lead your firm's Client Experience strategy.

Putting heart into CX
Engage and Develop

Activate and engage your people in designing Client Experiences that grow your firm’s capabilities.

Putting heart into CX
Drive Performance

Embed the new CX excellence service culture in your firm to leverage its competitive advantage.

At a time of increasing pressure and competition, the stark reality is that too many firms are in fact their own competitors. They are effectively turning work away and into the arms of others, often without realising that they are doing so. The good news is that CXINLAW show exactly what needs to be worked on.

Stephen Mayson, Professor of Strategy
Director of Legal Services Institute, College of Law

Introducing CXINLAW's
Client Success Program

Everything you need to become a Client Experience Champion.


CX assessment and insights with client listening tools and exercises for ongoing use.


Develop champions and a strategic program with our expert support and consultation.


Employee engagement and service training to embed new skills and capabilities.


Brilliant service design for your firm for effortless delivery and client delight at every touch-point.

Increase in Client Instruction
Increase in Fees Billed
Increase in Profits
Increase in Retained Clients
Increase in Client Referrals

'First Impressions Convert - Increasing Profitability from the First Touch Point'

All the data is in.
What do you think we found?

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News and Events

The Butterfly Effect with CX

The Butterfly Effect is a sensitive dependency on conditions in which even the slightest seemingly unrelated event can have a HUGE difference on the outcome of another. After working in client experience for over a decade now, the CXINLAW team has seen first-hand how small changes and improvements in the first touch-point have seen big improvements…
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Setting the Stage – Behind the scenes of CX

Interview with CXINLAW Director and key-author of ‘First Impressions Convert’, Carl White (Part 1/3). Carl White was born in Bath, England, before the city was listed as a World Heritage Site. He lived there with his mother for only a short time before they moved to Wales. It was during his education in Wales that…
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First Impressions Convert – The Top 3 Takeaways

In our latest market study, First Impressions Convert: Increasing profitability from the first touch-point (First Impressions Convert), we reveal the prospective clients’ experience when choosing a legal provider and the importance of exceptional client service as a differentiator in an increasingly client-focused environment. Key-author of First Impressions Convert, Carl White (Director of CXINLAW), believes that…
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