Four ways to bring your service promise to life

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What is on every law firm’s website? A promise of client service excellence. Yet, does your firm have a program in place to train teams to deliver exceptional client service? After findings revealed by a joint ALPMA/CXINLAW survey, No Second Chances, ALPMA president Andrew Barnes said “We exist in very competitive times. Law firm differentiators…

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Mystery shopping first impressions – 5 common weaknesses

To acquire new clients in a cluttered marketplace you need to invest in both online and traditional marketing – you already know this. Yet, what happens when a prospect contacts your firm? Are your firm’s first impressions letting you down? In a study of Australian and New Zealand law firms, Client Experience Excellence in Law…

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4 keys to convert more incoming enquiries

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In Legal Futures’ recent survey, only three in ten people who have a legal issue seek advice. Of those, just over half go to a lawyer. The most common reason cited by 8,192 people was an assumption that legal services would be too expensive. While this survey was from the UK, there is no reason…

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Why partners should share client relationships

Why Partners Should Share Client Relationships

A key finding of PWC’s 2017 CEO survey was that 79% of CEO’s are concerned about evolving customer behaviours and went on to highlight that ‘customers want an experience where empathy is the centrepiece and technology is the seamless enabler’. Reinforcing this finding is the Carnegie Institute of Technology’s researchthat improving people-to-people skills is a more…

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‘What Champions Eat for Breakfast’ Webinar – 18th May 2017

‘What Champions Eat for Breakfast’ Leading a Client Experience Excellence Programme at your Firm Join us for a FREE webinar on Thursday May 18, 2017 1:00 PM AEST.   Research shows that an engaged workforce is key to better service. Organisations that excel have 1.5 times as many engaged employees as those who don’t. Our May webinar…

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