Carl White speaking at PM Forum Conference 27th September 2012

Topic: Monitoring the customer experience 

Conference topic: ‘We need to talk about clients … shaping the client experience and encouraging effective relationships’ 

What do our leaders want from marketing?

Client relationships is the area where the contribution from marketing and business development is most expected to increase in priority according to unique quarterly research from the Managing Partners’ Forum into the needs of its members.This was higher than brand, new clients, targetting, thought leadership and sales support.

What do clients have to say about relationships with advisers?

“I do not see that it is my job to instruct a firm more than once. If they do not conform to my needs, I should go elsewhere.”

Client responding to the 2011 FT/MPF survey on effective client/adviser relationships The 2011 FT/MPF survey included a question that asked clients ‘what would be the one thing for advisers to change to enjoy a better service?’. Factors that emerged as contributing to a healthy relationship included (in no particular order):

  • Quick solutions, trust, communication and transparency;
  • Giving the impression that the firm is ‘well managed’, and therefore capable of delivering a consistent service;
  • Direct relationships between the management teams at client and adviser;
  • Understanding the client’s business and long-term goals;
  • A growing desire for the relationship to broaden beyond technical expertise;
  • The provision of timely, accurate and in-depth knowledge;
  • A more disciplined approach to performance management;
  • A greater focus on costs.

There are few new ideas in this client wish list; however, the secret of delighting clients is not the creation of new and tricky services but putting familiar services into new relationships.

Why attend this conference?

Aside from the usual benefits – gaining insights, sharing experiences and networking with peers – this year’s conference of the world’s leading community of professional marketers is designed around a set of critical yet mostly unexplored aspects of the client/adviser relationship: the influence of the client CEO; the impact on clients of the impression of a firm being well managed; and management’s direct contribution to the client experience.

This new prism enables marketing – seldom treated as a core management discipline by the professions – to access compelling client metrics that confirm our vital role in developing relationships and growing our firm’s top line. Come to the 2012 conference and be inspired!

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