2018 Client Experience in Law Benchmark Report due for release in February

CXINLAW, in collaboration with ALPMA, will soon release our 'First Impressions Convert - Increasing Profitability from the First Touch Point' - 2018 Benchmark Report.

Assessing 50 Australian law firms using our 2018 Mystery Shopping benchmark, we measured how likely prospective clients would be to engage and recommend the providers they spoke with. 

Our 2015 report highlighted the importance of first impressions and the likelihood of client enquiries converting to profitable work for law firms;

78% of enquiries fail the First Impression Test and only one in five prospects would recommend firms to others.

Our 2018 report will answer;

"Have law firms improved their Client Experience capabilities since then?

"Is there a greater understanding of the need to offer care beyond legal advice to win and retain more quality new business with the right clients?"

More broadly our 2018 research will be assessing the Client Experience priorities that result in an inspired service culture, outstanding client loyalty and profitable growth.