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Think about your experience of service... 

What is CX?

Client eXperience – or CX for short – is the sum of all the interactions you have with an organisation or brand. If you enjoy your overall experience with that brand, chances are you will continue to choose it and potentially recommend it to others.

In the 'Age of the Client,' any provider can offer advice. 

It is no surprise that customers and clients are being far more demanding and discerning than ever, particularly within the fast-changing landscape of the legal sector. The increasingly well-informed customer and client now compare their legal service experiences with their experiences across sectors.  While many law firms marketing messages continue to posit a client-focused approach – the increasingly well informed and innovative legal provider are positing customer and client-centered approaches. Such approaches place customers and clients at the heart of the business.

Our secret shopping across the sector has established that customer and client interactions need to go beyond the transactional and those firms that expert in building rapport, reducing effort and truly differentiate have a better chance of outperforming those that don’t.

Every customer and client, of course, is different and comes with a unique set of values, attitudes, priorities, expectations, available time, communication style, business and cultural backgrounds.  Law firms and providers, lawyers and legal advisers who are able to flex to these dimensions will stand out and attract more business.


CXINLAW works specifically with Corporate and Consumer based Law firms, Chambers and ABS legal providers, to monitor, lead, train and innovate excellent client experience [CX] across their entire organisation. 

Unprecedented challenges of today's legal landscape;

  • Increased competition in the sector following the implementation of the LSA 2007
  • Less activity and economic gloom resulting in less work for some practices and more work for others
  • Countless restructuring, acquisitions and mergers resulting in distractions from the job at hand
  • General lack of consumer confidence about the legal sector behind the drive for change
  • Clients who pay less and expect more in the new experience economy

Putting all these challenges together increases the pressure and distracts attention away from the customer and client at a time when it is needed most.

Current Issues for today's Law Firms
The conundrum of current market conditions is that there are many distractions from doing the thing that matters most, putting the client at the heart of the business.  The following provides a selection of the issues CXINLAW are assisting clients with, have you:

  • One or more merger and acquisition this year?
  • Increase in client attraction but little conversion since a recent marketing campaign?
  • A recent increase in staff turnover and decrease in morale?
  • Observed service issues with your newly qualified new client team?
  • Recorded an increase in clients complaining or giving feedback and not turning them into more business?
  • Got ongoing concerns that many clients go quiet for extended periods of time?
  • Overheard advisers giving advice in a manner incongruent with the brand message?
  • Asserted again that Barristers and Lawyers must try harder to attract business themselves?
  • Considered that your support staff could provide better internal service to your Lawyers?
  • Got concerns about too much focus on current clients at the expense of new clients, or visa versa?
  • Aware that one team of lawyers is acquiring more clients than another?
  • Considered client tracking and feedback to better understand clients purchasing decisions?
  • Got too much work and unable to provide the personal service your clients need?

If you answered yes to one or more of these issues you may benefit from customer/client experience insight and development. Contact CXINLAW for an introductory service assessment.

Desired Outcome

It is the challenge of law firms and legal providers to create a memorable and recognisable service experience that customers and clients feel compelled to return to, a desire to spending more with and willing to actively recommend the experience to colleagues, friends or family.

In the new 'experience economy', the client experience will help corporate businesses choose between their reducing panel of law firms.

While delivering an outstanding experience may vary in complexity between practice areas, and types of law, customer and client experience remains critical to improving brand reputation, market share and increasing profitability.


“Knowing how your client perceives you has never been so important. With greater competition in the marketplace, your client-facing performance has to be of the highest quality to distinguish you from the rest.

To this end CXINLAW provides you with an extra pair of eyes and ears to assess the service experience your clients receive from you, starting with your front-end service experience.

We help you excel beyond your clients expectations. We work with you to develop service capabilities that stand out from the crowd.

We help you to grow your reputation among clients for service experience excellence and, by doing so, we help you deliver long-term profitability.” 

~ Carl White, CXINLAW Director