First Impressions Convert – The Top 3 Takeaways

In our latest market study, First Impressions Convert: Increasing profitability from the first touch-point (First Impressions Convert), we reveal the prospective clients’ experience when choosing a legal provider and the importance of exceptional client service as a differentiator in an increasingly client-focused environment.

Key-author of First Impressions Convert, Carl White (Director of CXINLAW), believes that the report is crucial because “there is a major disparity between the service level that law firms perceive themselves to be delivering and their clients’ experience.” From a careful analysis of the research, it looks like this is especially so when potential clients make that first contact, be it by phone, email or website enquiry. This failure by law firms to really appreciate the importance of the first touch-point in converting clients is haemorrhaging potential work and costing law firms hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The good news? There are some easy fixes that you can implement now – and we go through those in our article The Butterfly Effect with CX to take your firm to the next level.


Whilst it’s worth reading First Impressions Convert in full, the top 3 takeaways from the report are eye-opening and worthy of further consideration, so here goes;


88% of firms failed the First Impressions Test in 2018

The 2018 Client Experience research used Mystery Shopping techniques commonly found in the retail industry to establish the quality and impact of prospective client interactions with legal staff. The research sampled a range of 50 small to midsize Australian law firms across a range of law practice areas – from family, wills and estates to business and commercial law matters. Findings indicate that almost 60% of firms are likely to leave prospects indifferent to their service and 30% of contact is so dissatisfactory that talking negatively about the experience is the norm. All-in-all, 88% of law firms failed the First Impression Test.


Uplifting all aspects of the Client Experience is critical

Firms that had a ‘Director of First Impressions’ or a team of skilled receptionists that appreciated the importance of their sales role performed best. Needless to say, many firms failed in the First Impressions Test because they had front of house staff that were unhelpful, sounded disinterested and were slow to identify the right person for the inquiry. The research also identified the importance of PAs or paralegals in this process. Callers were often left on hold for long periods of time or were transferred to someone without knowing their connection with the relevant lawyer. Lawyers themselves were then not given the best opportunity to sell themselves and many lawyers left the caller feeling lacklustre when it came to feeling supported and engaged in helping the prospective client.


A significant commercial opportunity exists to boost revenue

Findings indicate that marketing investment and referrals that drive client business is being squandered at first contact by poor or average first impressions. The report demonstrates that if the total value of 10 enquiries to your firm is worth 70k, you can increase your instructions uplift by over 20% with help from the CXINLAW team.


If these takeaways resonate with you, reach out, we’d love to help you boost your bottom line and create an engaged, harmonised workforce.

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