Giraffe’s Service Walks Tall

I happened to Tweet my regular trip to Norwich to work with a law firm and was pleased when @giraffetweet offered a free trip to their new restaurant in the city. It was several weeks before I could take them up but I did, last night. A few cheery @giraffetweets got me a booked table for two for precious little. Nice one Giraffe.

I arrived solo with a suitcase and after a change-twice London to Norwich train trip on National Express on a Sunday, to one of the warmest and biggest hello’s I’ve experienced. “You must be Carl” said the waitress on the door at Giraffe. I was seated and made to feel right at home on the range.

From here on I received consistently attentive and enthusiastic service from everyone and no, I don’t think it was because I was a sado by myself or an @giraffetweet convert. Every customer that evening seemed to be leisurely grazing through the menu while being treated to the same wonderfully smiley, upbeat and chatty service-style accompanied by a cool African breeze of chill-out tunes.

Busy tweeting @giraffetweet while scoffing my salmon and sweet potato fish cake and salad dish I catch the eye of one of the team. We get to talking about how impressed I am with the restaurant. Surprisingly she tells me that she previously worked as a conveyancing secretary, a coincidence since I was in town to work with a regional law firm.

“This must be a little different” I offer. “No” she replies and goes on to explain that in hospitality as in professional services it’s all about people, care, passion and simply being nice to others. Funnily enough this is exactly what Pret told me when I interviewed their HR Director last year – spotting and recruiting the nicest people people is key and something that many businesses fail to do or fail to develop once they’ve found them.

I Tweet Tushla May’s name over to @giraffetweet talking her up and receive a response immediately ‘@weareotentio she is ace – will show her your tweet, she’ll be thrilled! Speak soon’. Virtual or otherwise this is stunning service from Giraffe . A taxi is ordered on my behalf and I leave knowing they’ve made me into a raving fan.

The next day I use Giraffe as an example in my service class with secretaries at Mills & Reeve under the headline – “we are all in hospitality now …”

Giraffe - outstanding customer service