How to Create an Innovative Service Culture that Clients Value

In this video, Carl White explains why it’s important for law firms to create a culture of excellence around the client experience by engaging the whole firm to consistently exceed client expectations along their customer journey.

This content is reproduced in full with permission from the Centre for Legal Innovation.

Here some of the key points discussed in the session:

Addressing the new Experience Economy

  • Leveraging on the overall client experience helps a law firm to stand out as, now more than ever, customers simply expect a remarkable service.
  • Putting the customer hat on and understand their everyday service experience with the firm is the key starting point to gain insights.
  • Borrowing a great role model from an outstanding business and apply it to the law firm can bring surprising results.

Building a strong Business Case

  • Law firms invest in the Client Experience because they want to improve client retention, enhance client satisfaction or deepen and broader the level of cross-referrals between departments.
  • Focusing on CX and having the ability to deliver a consistent day by day level of true customer experience brings tangible benefits.

Focusing on the First Touchpoint – A Case study

First Impressions Convert research conducted in 2018 looked at the client experience at the first touch points with law firms.

Here are some key stats on how likely clients are to engage with the firms:

  • 30% of the potential revenue was burned due to a very poor experience at the first point of contact with no possibility to convert into profit.
  • 58% of the remained potential revenue remained was likely to speak to other firms.
  • 12% only wanted to invest in an initial appointment with the law they spoken with due to a good enough first impressions.
  • 88% of laws firms fail the first impression test.

Embedding a new Service Culture

  • Find the enthusiasts within your team, the CX champions, and engage them in the opportunity to develop the client experience.
  • Spark the engagement with the entire team with new insights coming from the data to provide a compelling reason why is worth looking at CX and work as a team.
  • Revisit the firm service statement together with the team. Check if what is promised in every touchpoint is delivered to satisfy clients’ expectations.
  • Define and commit to a big CX goal. Based on the success, or unsuccess, in delivering a remarkable client experience and learning from client behaviour, the goal is to turn unhappy or the unenthusiastic customers into promoters of your firms.

Talking the Language of Innovation

  • Innovation starts with the right perspective which is the service users’ perspective.
  • Law firms are starting to embrace the process of seeing the experience from the customer point of view to reimagine their performance.

Uplifting the Client Journey

  • Law firms need to care beyond the legal advice and rethink the whole customer journey.
  • From the consideration phase, where the ability to articulate the reason why the firm might be chosen is crucial, trough the engagement phase where the conversation around the value pricing starts, moving to the legal service itself where there is the opportunity to welcome the client on board, law firms have to assist the client through every touchpoint.

Mapping the Client Journey

  • Everyone in the firm should be involved in the process of mapping the touchpoints: the direction of the first impression, the professional support teams, partners and layers.
  • Facilitators can help this process, not always easy, by bringing the right energy and focus on client expectation and paint points in every touchpoint.
  • Upgrade the service you deliver to your client to make it easier for the firm to deliver it.

The 4 building blocks model for Client Experience success

A new operating system and innovation engine for the modern client-centric law firm:

  • Leading the Client Experience: focus on the CX champions.
  • Monitoring the Client Experience: continuously look for new client insights.
  • Learning the Client Experience: understand and practise new behaviours.
  • Innovating the Client Experience: technology it’s just an enabler to a better experience.

Everyone in the firm plays an important role delivering an exceptional client experience. It’s an all-around mandate but must be lead, by example, from the firm’s leaders.

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