Legal Innovation & the Client Experience podcast

CXINLAW Director, Carl White, was a guest on the Future of Law podcast. It was a great discussion about how the client experience must be at the centre of legal innovation.

Here is a summary of the key takeaways from the interview.

First Impressions Count

  • The first impression many potential clients get when they ring a law firm is that their inquiry is an inconvenience – they’re interrupting the lawyer’s busy day.  This doesn’t help law firms win new business. Conversely, there is a big opportunity for law firms who make a great first impression to win over new clients.
  • Carl says “points of service can be a remarkable differentiator because so few firms get it right.”

Cultural Shift

  • Client experience (CX) is a relatively new concept for Australian law firms. Many firms are still painting a picture of what exceptional CX looks and feels like.
  • Introducing CX into the firm requires three key steps:
  1. Understanding the business case
  2. Mandating the client experience as a priority for the firm
  3. Harnessing client insights – it’s the client opinion that matters the most
  • Gathering client data supports the business case for CX and sparks important conversations within the firm.
  • Everyone in the firm is a ‘game maker’ for the client service experience.
  • There is also design-thinking – considering the legal journey from the client perspective. How are clients feeling? What are the client friendly processes that make it easier for them to do business with us and easier for us to deliver the work with more confidence and better results?

Design thinking

  • Human-centred design is becoming more common-place in law firms.
  • Changes in the legal sector can feel overwhelming as there is a lot to get your head around.  However, the opportunities are exciting.
  • CX is all about human-centred design because it’s about empathy and understanding your firm from your client’s point-of-view.
  • Equally, it’s about the internal focus. What are the challenges and opportunities about bringing this level of service performance to life?
  • CXINLAW’s mission is to help law firms who want to develop an exceptional client-experience culture can achieve that.

The Future of CX in the legal sector

  • CX is a law firm’s differentiator. Even if there’s a sophisticated commercial client, they’re all customers who bring expectations to buying a legal service. It’s about how clients are concierged through the matter.
  • Client experience is at the heart of the matter. It’s easy to get distracted by larger design issues and technology. The client is always at the core of the business.
  • People want to engage with their law firm in the way that’s most convenient to them. It may be in-person or it may be via technology.
  • Law firms need to flip their thinking from “what’s most convenient to us” to “what do our clients want”.

Case Study

  • A Melbourne-based firm with 100 employees wanted to get a view on how well they articulate value to their firm.
  • Conceptually understood value pricing but weren’t able to effectively communicate the idea to potential clients and progress prospects into clients.
  • CXINLAW did some initial research and discovered they were only converting 1/10 inquiries into new business.
  • CXINLAW worked with this client over 8 months, which included mystery shopping, client insights, training and client journey mapping.
  • As a result of the program, the firm was able to convert 7/10 inquiries, resulting in 20% increase in instructions received.
  • CXINLAW continues to work with this client to embed a culture of CX into the fabric of the firm.

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