How to Create an Innovative Service Culture that Clients Value

By CXINLAW | October 12, 2020

This video explains the importance of embedding a remarkable service culture in law firms to consistently fulfil client expectations.

Why client experience is the big differentiator for law firms in 2020

By Carl White | October 9, 2020
cxinlaw-Why-client-experience-differentiator-law firms-2020

Innovation is change that makes a positive difference. Learn how CX can make a big difference, both financially and in terms of your firm’s reputation.

Mapping the client journey – taking the guesswork out of client expectations

By CXINLAW | October 5, 2020

This video discusses client journey mapping, a method to help law firms gain empathy & insight to their client’s experience as they navigate the firm.

Legal Innovation & the Client Experience podcast

By Carl White | October 5, 2020

Carl White was a guest on the Future of Law podcast, with Dan Hunter. They discuss why exceptional client experience is sits in the heart of innovation.

“What do law firm clients REALLY need (and want)?” – Centre for Legal Innovation webinar

By CXINLAW | September 30, 2020
CXINLAW - What do law firm clients really need and want webinar

Read the top 5 takeaways from an international panel discussion on the importance of customer experience presented by the Centre for Legal Innovation.

Why delivering exceptional CX is the only future for law

By Carl White | August 18, 2020
CXINLAW-Why delivering exceptional CX is the future for law 2

Delivering exceptional CX will be critical to win & nurture business in a more transparent legal market. Discover how your firm can prepare.

The Laws of Conversation

By Carl White | July 8, 2020

CXINLAW is pleased to partner with Shannon Hubert on her project, The Laws of Conversation. This article provides an overview and how to get involved.

Engage your team to create a remarkable client experience

By Julian Lambert | July 7, 2020

Learn how law firms have engaged their whole team to build a truly client-focused service offering supported by a remarkable service culture.

5 ways to improve your firm’s client experience in 5 minutes

By Carl White | June 1, 2020

Looking for inspiration for improve your client experience? Watch this 5 minute video to learn 5 ways to improve your firm’s client experience.

5 ways to use data-led insights to make a client-centric plan for FY21

By Carl White | May 20, 2020

Writing your FY21 business plans will be challenging. This article outlines 5 sources of data you can use to make informed, data-led CX decisions.