'What your clients and employees could tell you about your client service culture - and what to do about it'

Join us for a FREE Webinar on Thursday July 27, 2017 1:00-2:00PM AEDT.

Today’s service leaders understand that delivering an outstanding Client Experience creates a profitable and sustainable advantage for them that others will find hard to replicate.

On this webinar we’ll focus on how success for these providers is driven by effectively seeking and listening to their clients and employees in order to create an unbeatable service culture valued by both.

We’ll share our experience with law firms that have asked their clients and staff “How are we doing?” with a formal and ongoing program of feedback, client listening and service development that answers the question: “Have we treated you in a way deserving of your loyalty?

You’ll learn how to get started, what challenges may surprise you and why a commitment toward seeing the world as clients and employees do will position your firm for growth in the financial year ahead.

Attend this webinar if:

  • You want to gain a commercial advantage with strong client relationships and an excellent service culture
  • You think your clients are satisfied but you’re not certain if that’s enough or, alternatively, how 'bad' their comments might be
  • You know that asking clients for feedback is important but you’re not sure how to do this effectively or where to start
  • Your firm does speak to clients about their work and relationship however the process is ad hoc, inconsistent and at risk of being too informal
  • You’re worried that no one likes feedback, least of all lawyers, and such a program would be over before it even started
  • You’re looking for an effective strategy that enables constructive feedback to build capabilities and the service culture of your team

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