CXINLAW have a results oriented approach to development. We create the conditions that enable employees, lawyers and teams to flourish. It means developing people, using their hearts and minds, and activating the removal of obstacles that get in the way of change. In part these obstacles lie within people. In part they stem from workplace. Environmental, process and structural change is often required to spark a positive cultural change that is self-sustaining and results oriented.

The CXINLAW team and extended team are strongly committed to supporting your employees and firm to activate such changes.

We deliver with you:

  • Client experience strategy
  • Effective Service Leadership
  • Staff communication and engagement
  • Service education programme

All our training programs are integrated within a service coaching approach, based on client and employee insight and tailored to your firms or departments needs at the time of the planning and delivery, making them live and wholly relevant.

“Using a precise and delightfully engaging mix of service analysis and training methods, CXINLAW reinvigorated my team’s passion and understanding of running a client-focused front-of-house experience. Getting it right was critical and the positive results we’ve seen have been acknowledged by internal and external clients, building the business case for further delivery across the firm.”