Client Feedback

Are you ever curious about the clients who did instruct? Are you interested in finding out why they’ve delayed in instructing you or decided to go elsewhere?

Our client surveys enable you to reach out to both prospective clients and established clients. It also enables you to gather information from them if they have gone quite for sometime. You get ‘hot of the press’ insight on their experience of your call. One of our leading law firm clients found that 65% of their prospective clients were ending the call dissatisfied. Would you like to know how many and why your prospective clients are impressed, dissatisfied or indifferent about the service they received at the point of delivery?

Client feedback 2.0 offers:

  • Hot off the press client feedback that you can respond to within 24 hours;
  • An understanding of how clients and prospective clients rate firm, products and services;
  • Knowledge of lost clients and solutions to close the gap;
  • Measurement of the firms brand experience at the interpersonal day to day level;
  • Key areas for improving client performance to maximize conversion rates.