Employee experience

Would your employees and lawyers recommend your firms services to friends, family and colleagues?

There is now a strong body of research linking your employee experience with client satisfaction and loyalty.

Not surprising really since employee engagement is about delivering great service to your employees who then reflect that back onto your clients.

High levels of engaged employees mean high levels of retention, motivation and high performing staff critical for outperforming on service and operational efficiency.


Is it possible that delivering outstanding employee service is as important as delivering outstanding client service?


The Right Questions really matter– employee engagement survey tools designed specifically for legal sector and firm, tried and tested for Law Firms.


Actionable Insight – We only generate survey results that generate clear and relevant insights and actions plans for executive to departmental level managers.


Return on Involvement – high response rates make employee engagement surveys useful intel for management so we use essential strategies to maximise response rates.

Return on Involvement

Nothing can replace return on involvement in client experience development.  The persistent and diligent focus on the client achieves business results, as reported across sectors.  To gear the firm up for being truly client-centred it requires active and sustained involvement from all employees month in month out.  Are you ready to be as diligent with your clients as you are with financial reporting?