“Their energy and enthusiasm for service is endless and they always ensure a solution-focused and expertly designed outcome. The team are reliable, flexible and a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them”




To achieve ongoing client performance and business results, regular and often secret shopping, client feedback and employee engagement surveys come together with service coaching to create a rich understanding of the thoughts feelings and advice of the very people who directly impact on the customers/client experience, as deliverers, receivers and promoters.

CXINLAW provide affordable client experience monitoring including ongoing monthly secret shopping and client feedback analysis available through a dynamic online dashboard.  Critically, we combine 121, group and team Service Coaching to ensure individuals and teams flex to the feedback. In this way client experience remains constantly on track, meeting and exceeding client expectations.

Workplace upgrades may also be required Environmental, process and structural change is often required to spark a positive cultural change that is self-sustaining and results oriented.  The CXINLAW team and extended team are strongly committed to supporting your employees and firm to activate such changes.

Another critical aspect of client/customer experience performance in the new legal landscape is a rethink of reward and recognition.  We've done the thinking for you.

We deliver:

  • Client-centric system upgrades
  • Service performance coaching
  • Client experience monitoring
  • Reward and recognition