Service Coaching

Your firm’s customer service experience is what your prospective clients see, hear and feel when they interact with your firm from first contact through to the end of the fee paying transaction and onto the next, should they return. Critically this buying decision is 30% transactional and 70% emotional, so when firms focus on making the experience positively emotional customers will more likely Remember, Return, spend more (Revenue) and Recommend the experience to people they know (4R’s). Typically however it’s evident that satisfied clients have a high propensity to jump legal service providers from one legal matter to another, following the click of a button.

In this highly competitive and changing landscapes one of the most crucial business drivers is achieving high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.  To this end organisations require competent and loyal employees who are completely aligned to providing outstanding customer service every single moment of the day both to prospective clients, and paying clients, as well as to their colleagues. This is now a prerequisite to business survival and success.

CXINLAW’s Service Coaching system enables your firm at all levels to develop the necessary alignment, motivation and competence to deliver outstanding service as quickly as possible, whilst sustaining desired change over the long term. Performance and learning are now two sides of the same coin and coaching uniquely targets both. Servicing Coaching generates improvements in personal, professional, team and business performance through a relentless attention on the customer.

CXINLAW’s Service Coaching system ensures that coaching is an integral feature in every stage of CXINLAW’s delivery. All training delivery includes goal setting and action steps so participants know exactly what they can do to make a difference immediately after training. Training is followed up with 1 to 6 group coaching sessions for leaders, managers and lawyers, to review progress and enliven, clarify and integrate learning from training, secret shopping and other insight tools. Overtime, with training and support, managers become service coaches themselves and integral to the Service Coaching system is training and coaching to that end. The objective is to upgrade the cultural mindset of the firm and all employees feeling empowered and energised to consistently deliver world class customer experience every single day.

‘How our employees treat our clients is central to business survival and success’

Return on Involvement

Nothing can replace return on involvement in client experience development.  The persistent and diligent focus on the client achieves business results, as reported across sectors.  To gear the firm up for being truly client-centred it requires active and sustained involvement from all employees month in month out.  Are you ready to be as diligent with your clients as you are with financial reporting?