The Butterfly Effect with CX

The Butterfly Effect with CX

After working in client experience for decades now, the CXINLAW team has seen first-hand how small changes and improvements in the first touch-point have seen big improvements across a firm and to its bottom line.

For one law firm we worked with, it required tweaking the reception space and inquiry handling process. For another law firm, it took a change management process with the key personal assistants in certain practice areas. For yet another, it meant providing strategic training to the partnership group.

What will work for your practice will be unique and depend on your area of specialty, the clients you serve and the drivers for your business.

Regardless though, you’ll have to be prepared to focus on making small changes in these three areas:

1. Ensuring a commitment to client service across all levels of staff

It’s critical that all levels of the organisation appreciate the importance of new (and ongoing) client contact. From the initial phone call, website or email enquiry to the first time a potential client speaks to your legal experts, all the links in the process have to be smooth and reassuring to convert a prospective client into a signed up paying one.

2. Investing training in your front of house staff

Our research demonstrated that 58% of enquiries are handled by intermediaries (i.e. not the lawyer that would be working on the prospective file) therefore it’s really important that your front of house staff are warm, engaging, demonstrate a willingness to help and can walk a potential client through the initial triaging process.

3. Teaching your lawyers to sell their value

The research is now clear – lawyers must be able to sell their value to be able to convert enquiries into paid work. But it doesn’t need to be complex. Clients are seeking some simple follow through's to help them make their decision, such as a follow-up email summarising the discussion and options, when the next step or contact will take place or even just an overview of the lawyer’s professional skills and expertise. These simple yet powerful steps are considered highly useful to the prospective client and can significantly improve a lawyer's prospects of converting a prospective client into a long-term advocate.

If you are ready to focus on these three areas and want to implement what you’ve learned from these posts, we’d love to talk. Contact Carl on 0423 254 484 today to talk more about how we can work with your firm to increase conversion and boost your bottom line for a successful future firm.