The Laws of Conversation

At CXINLAW, we look beyond providing CX consulting services to law firms and aim to play an active role in the legal sector, advocating for client-centricity, service quality, access to law and change.

We’re also passionate about nurturing the next generation of young professionals who are entering the law. CXINLAW‘s founder and director, Carl White, is excited to join The Legal Forecasts new mentoring program, TFL Connect. This program aims to bring together future-focused law students with leaders in legal technology, design and operations.

I’m excited to be mentoring Shannon Hubert and to introduce her to the CXINLAW community. Shannon has written an interesting article from her perspective as a law student. We feel her view is especially relevant to our discussion on ‘team’, and more broadly the current business environment where finding opportunities for humans to genuinely connect has never been so important,” said Carl.

We hope you enjoy reading Shannon’s perspective and reaching out to Shannon if her idea resonates with you.

The Laws of Conversation

Many young professionals struggle with the concept of traditional networking – you either love it or it makes you cringe. As a Juris Doctor student, I’ve found that it is absolutely necessary. But, I often feel like it only scratches the surface of what I truly would like to know about some of the incredible people working within the law. With more and more young people choosing to begin a career in the law and mental health an ongoing issue for the profession, surely there is a way to humanise the context a bit more in the hopes of forging deeper connections through conversation? I am curious to find out.

About this project

CXINLAW-The-Laws-Conversation-Shannon-HubertI’m Shannon Hubert and here is a little intro to The Laws of Conversation project:

  • 3 questions
  • A person of interest, as the interviewee
  • Myself, as the interviewer
  • A space allowing and celebrating openness, reflection and unpolished responses
  • A way to deepen existing relationships or create new ones

I’m skipping the small talk and I’m getting right to it. The questions are not law-based, they are simply me wanting to get to know an individual on a more personal level. Why? Because people have stories to tell that go way beyond their career success that sometimes do not always get the same air time I feel they deserve.

Background to the project

Just before COVID-19 shut everything down, I began a part-time job as a legal receptionist at a Barristers Chambers in the CBD. After some thorough research on who I was working alongside, it came as no surprise that the barristers were extremely talented, insanely hard-working and were very recognised in their respective areas within the law. And so they should be, people working in the law are often one of a kind.

The particular day this idea came to me, I was mostly alone in the office and I was thinking how wonderful it would be to get to know the people behind their long lists of achievements. As a new addition to the team, I am still getting to know everyone anyway, but wouldn’t it be interesting to dig a little deeper and have the opportunity to ask some questions that maybe someone has not been asked before? To give someone a chance to reflect and take their answer down the path they would like to. I would encourage people not to double-check their answers and challenge them to focus on letting out their first and most natural responses. To me, these moments within conversations make up a fundamental part of feeling connected and feeling alive. However, often in extremely demanding professions such as the law, things can be so busy that we forget what it feels like to truly connect with other humans. As the law is much of my life, I thought why not start with the context I am so imbedded into?

I am aware this is not a project for everyone and that is completely fine. However, my hopes for those that do participate is that they leave the conversation feeling that they tapped into their ‘inner’ in a meaningful way; they felt the happy, sad or uncomfortable come up and they simply shared it. It is up to the individual how much they share, but the questions are crafted to allow for depth.

How to get involved

This project is still in its infancy, but I am hoping to get it up and running soon. If you are interested in getting in touch to discuss the idea or would like to be involved, please get in contact as I would love to hear from you.

You can reach me via LinkedIn or email me at

Stay well and stay connected!