CX IN LAW - What do clients really want B2B and B2C

What do clients really want? Centre for Legal Innovation webinar

CXINLAW Director, Carl White, joined a panel discussion hosted by the Centre for Legal Innovation on what clients really want.

The session covered:

  • How the client experience is different in B2B and B2C environment
  • What has changed during COVID-19
  • Which CX strategies legal firms can learn and apply from other industries



Here are six key takeaways from the webinar:

1. Customer expectations today

  • Clients expect legal services to deliver the same high level of service as B2C brands do because today client expectations are shaped by what happens in their personal everyday life.
  • Make it easy for clients to do business with you. Doing it right will be your firm’s biggest differentiator.
  • The client’s experience of your service can be completely transformed by making key interactions memorable.

2. What is CX and why is it important

  • CX is every touchpoint that a potential client has with your brand.
  • Dramatic commercial results can be made by focusing just on one touchpoint as the first contact with clients: a legal firm saw an increase from 3/10 to 7/10 enquiries converting into work after just having a better first conversation with potential clients.
  • You need to think about the role of each channel and how you can elevate and enhance those moments across the complete customer journey.
  • Anecdotally, most people who attended the webinar believed there is a direct correlation between an improvement in CX and an improvement in profit.
  • According to research from Forrester, shareholders returns over 2007-2009 increased three times when there was a focus on customer experience.



Source: Forrester CX Index


  • There are 5 essential components of CX:
    • Qualitative and quantitative client research must have a 360° view of the client
    • Client journey mapping experience design must discover moments of “surprise”
    • Employee training and engagement must include all team members
    • Client feedback is a constant activity- not a once off
    • Technology must enhance the client experience, not be an impediment

3. What can we learn and emulate in the world of CX from other industries?

  • 92% of the attendants said that you can learn a lot about how to improve your customer experience from others.
  • A significant and unique challenge to the legal industry is that the client engagement is mostly transactional with a considerable amount of time between the next engagement making it challenging to maintain a relationship.
  • Clients’ expectations about legal services is not just the resolution of their legal matter, but also the clarity about the journey ahead, the explanation of legal costs and the emotional relief.
  • There are some important questions your firm needs to ask following other industries example:
    • Where does client experience sit within the hierarchy of your firm’s values?
    • Does your firm have a client promise?
    • How would a client describe your firm and employees to others?
    • How you deliver your expertise to your clients?
    • Have you considered your clients’ experience of your workspace?
    • Are you able to connect with other experts who may be able to assist your client with their business or matter?
    • Do you have mechanisms in place to monitor and ensure a quality client experience?

4. Do we know what the clients really want from us?

  • All clients want their work delivered on time, under budget and to brief.
  • However, what clients want from their legal providers and professional services has changed and you have to be open-minded about asking for feedback and then be genuinely interested and empathic with the response.
  • Three big areas that have changed are:
    • The people – increasing the importance of social values criteria and relationships
    • The tools – facilitating enhanced solutions by embracing technology
    • The processes – personalising services, practical advice and solutions

5. What have we learnt from working with our client differently during covid 19?

  • 74% of the webinar attendants said that their company adapted the client experience following COVID via digital channels.
  • The post-COVID-19 new normal changed the way we live and work and it has presented an amazing opportunity to think about transformation.
  • To address customer experience is really important to create moments of surprise and delight, a “seamless serendipity” where this magic just happens giving a tremendous client experience.

6. Are we providing legal services and products that best suit lawyers or those that truly cater to clients?

  • CX is any moment where your firm’s service promise is made or broken. So, your firm has to be remarkable at every touchpoint with clients because CX is a key differentiator and driver of success for legal providers.
  • A fundamental point around CX is having a service promise and actually bring that to life at every touchpoint but, unfortunately, very few people within legal firms are aware of the firm’s values.
  • Delivering a legal outcome is no longer enough. The goal now is to turn clients into promoters by giving them a remarkable experience and caring beyond the legal advice.
  • Engaging your team to look for hot spots and opportunities from both clients and employees’ perspective along the client journey.
  • CX equals EX: you can’t have an amazing client experience without focusing on an amazing employee experience. The secret ingredient is to approach as one business with all the different roles and functions involved in bringing an amazing service to life.

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