CXINLAW - What do law firm clients really need and want webinar

“What do law firm clients REALLY need (and want)?” – Centre for Legal Innovation webinar

CXINLAW Director, Carl White, took part in an international panel discussion hosted by the Centre for Legal Innovation on the importance of customer experience brought to light through data-led insights.

Here are the top five takeaways from the webinar:

1. Client experience leads to client satisfaction

  • For professional services firms, looking only at client satisfaction is not enough, you need to focus on client delights.
  • It’s the whole client experience along the customer journey that matters, not just the final result.

2. Client data helps to customize the experience

  • Every client is different. You need to understand their needs, anticipate them and design the experience.
  • Metrics that correlate with a higher client experience are useful tools.
  • Qualitative data provides deeper insights on what the client really wants.

3. The first impression is crucial

  • Many law firms fail the first impression test.
  • It’s important not to neglect or miss any of the first touchpoints to deliver a great experience.

4. Legal services and products should be customized

  • Customization is related not only to a client-first strategy but to an employee-first strategy too.
  • Different perspectives inside the firm are essential to delivering a customised experience during the whole customer journey.
  • Empathy is a key part of the legal design thinking.

5. Client relationship is effective in a virtual space

  • Face-to-face trust and confidence can be easily replaced virtually with no decrease in client satisfaction.
  • Virtual environment reshapes the nature of client relationship in an efficient way.
  • Blurring lines between work and private life helps to access the client data like never before.

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