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Why client experience is the big differentiator for law firms

This article first appeared in full on the Legal Innovation & Tech Fest website. Here is a summary of the key takeaways.

CX is good for business

  • We know from our research that 88% of law firms fail the first impressions test.
  • In the post-COVID world, every firm is scrutinising its budget, making sure every dollar invested delivers a return.
  • Firms that invest in a strong service culture (as part of their marketing spend, not in addition to) have seen results including:
    • 20% decrease in client acquisition costs

    • 27% increase in file openings

    • 22% gain in production delivered at lower cost

    • 50% decrease in debtor days

    • Significantly higher staff morale, client focus and retention

    • 20% increase in revenue following 12 month development

How to Weave an Exceptional Client Experience into the Fabric of your Firm

  • CX is a firm-wide mandate and must be supported by the leadership team. It’s not a one time marketing campaign.
  • Client experience is any moment where an impression of service is perceived by users.
  • Everyone in the firm is a “game maker” with a responsibility for bringing the service performance to life at every touchpoint.

Although changing the DNA of your organisation sounds monumental, it can begin with small changes. Here are four steps to help lay the foundation for a client-focused firm.

Step 1. Lead

  • The first step is building a clear business case.
  • Explain why it’s important for your organisation to focus on its clients.
  • Find the champions within your organisation. We like to call them “green dots”, those enthusiasts that really understand the value of CX and are primed to take action.

Step 2. Learn

  • Client experience excellence requires new skills like customer service, innovation, collaboration and creativity.
  • Provide employees with templates and documented service standards that can become part of your new staff induction program.
  • Don’t let dust settle on these documents. Allow your internal champions to review and revise them in line with changing client expectations.

Step 3. Innovate

  • Innovation is change that makes a positive difference.
  • That doesn’t necessarily mean changing your business model completely, it can be incremental gains.
  • Engage the entire team on how to improve your firm’s client service.
  • It isn’t just greeting clients at your reception. It means showing ease, empathy and effectiveness at every touchpoint, including correspondence (formal, informal and regulatory).

Step 4. Insights

  • It’s essential that the voice of the customer is being heard loud and clear within the walls of your firm.
  • Make sure you’re systematically having feedback conversations systematically with clients.
  • Invest in a good research tool to gain insights about who they are and what they want from you.

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